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What is a ‘Cookie’?
A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a small text file that a website transfers to an internet user's computer so that the website can remember who you are.Cookies are used by almost all major websites. Without cookies, it would be very difficult for a website to allow a visitor to add items to a shopping basket or to remember the user's preferences or registration details for a future visit.Websites use cookies because they save time and make the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Where we use Cookies
We use cookies on and want you to know more about how, where and why. Cookies don’t share any personal information with us; they are just a way for us to remember who you are.

Registration and Log in
To ensure that your sign up process is both smooth and effective we track the progress with a cookie to confirm the steps you’ve taken. We also use cookies as a way to authenticate you as a registered user, giving you access to your user profile and certain otherwise inaccessible areas of the website.
To enable basic personalisation of the website we use cookies. If we can identify trends in your behaviour we can show you more of the offers and deals we know you like.

We use cookies to tell us how our visitors use; where they come from and which pages they visit. We do this so that we can constantly improve the user experience and fix any problems there might be on the also uses Google Analytics to track statistics on the number of hits on the page and the user journeys. We only ever use this information to enhance your experience of using and to measure web page usage so we can make informed decisions on where we need to improve our services.

Third Party Cookie Sharing
We work with several third-party partner to help us send personalised communication and adverts. We always uses a de-identidied non-human readable version of your email for matching to other data. At no time is your actual email address shared with any of these partners.
Partners who we work with are:

The purpose of LiveRamp's service is to help brands use their data to improve customer interactions on any channel and device. LiveRamp may place a cookie and use a de-identified, non-human readable version of your email address for matching to other data about you to improve the relevance of online advertising and personalisation. They may also collect information such as your IP address, browser or operating system type. To learn more or opt out of LiveRamp click here:

The purpose of Criteo’s service is to find visitors of our advertising clients’ properties and send them personalised emails or serve them personalised ads. Criteo uses cookies to single out users and then personalise ads based on their browsing experience. To learn more or opt out of Criteo Display click here.

We use REVIVVE Remarketing Solutions ‘REVIVVE’ on our website.
REVIVVE enables us to send personalised emails based upon your recent browsing behaviour, it works by collecting and processing browsing data through cookies or equivalent technical identifiers. A unique identifier is stored in your browser cookie.
REVIVVE collects a hashed version of your email directly from our partners like this site. This hashed version of your email is combined with a unique identifier and stored in a separate database. At no point can REVIVVE identify you, nor derive your actual email address.
You will always be provided with an unsubscribe link within these email to opt out of this service from this site.
For further information visit

More about cookies
If you want to find out more about cookies or if you want to know how to delete or control the cookies that are stored on your computer you can visit